We say bigger isn't better. We say small is beautiful. We say the planet matters. We say we're not gonna do the big jug lug anymore. In a single serving, so you get the right amount every time, no more guessing how much detergent to use, no more overdosing, one size really does fit all.

Berry+ comes in a minuscule, miniature-size dose. 2ml or less than half a teaspoon to be exact. It uses so little packaging, it's mini-magnificent. We call it our microdose, and it'll clean your miniskirt and a whole lot more. Thirty pounds more.

How does so little do so much?
Because it's berry-based. Berry+ is purer and stronger and concentrated, so it just takes a lot less soap and agitation, two main ingredients. Less to carry. Less to come clean. Less to recycle. The magic ingredient is saponin, a naturally occurring substance in soapberries. One day, maybe all laundry doses will be this much less.