Who knew soap grew on trees?
They don’t teach you that in college. But it does. Soapberries have been getting clothes clean in Asia forever. Now they’re gonna help you shine, in more ways than one.

We figured out how to extract and concentrate saponin (soapberries’ active cleaning ingredient) then mix it with some water to give you a soap that’s free of smells, bells and weird gels. With tremendous cleaning power and a natural fabric softener built right in. Because when clothes are naturally clean, they don’t smell like lemons or lavender, and they don’t need chemicals to stay soft.

The saponin in our soapberry extract is activated by water and agitation in your washing machine. You only need 2ml (a little less than half a teaspoon) of Berry+, which we deliver in individual, microdose servings so you get the right amount every time. So stop guessing and start your washer.

Berry+ was created to be the purest, most natural soap around, without anything to irritate even sensitive types, that’s why its berry-based. Botanists call the soapberry tree Sapindus mukorossi. We call it first aid for your laundry and the planet.

Our proprietary, water-based process simply extracts and distills the soapberry’s tremendous cleaning power so it works better, in cold water, and is available to you in the most convenient way possible.

    Here's the lowdown:
  • 95% berry-based (Sapindus mukorossi)
  • 4.5% vegetable glycerin for softening
  • 0.3% olive-leaf extract to kill bacteria and other junk
  • 0.1% each of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (food-grade preservatives made from plants to give Berry+ shelf life)

Berry+ starts and ends with nature and some berries.